Terracotta with Agate beads - Blue

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Processing time: 7-10 days

Dimension : Silver bead - 1 cm, Agate bead - 6mm, length(end to end) : 1st layer - 15 inch, 2nd layer - 13 inch
Earring: stud - 1.5cm,jhumka base - 2.5cm Colors: silver and blue Length of the dori: 16 inches (end to end length)

It's a completely handmade product. So please expect a little imperfection in the jewel. The color and the finishing displayed in the picture may vary due to digital photography.

Shipping: We pack the products in a carton box with tight bubble wrap. So there are only minimal chance for breakage. If you find the jewel in broken condition while receiving, please get back to us ASAP.

Jewel care: Please make sure you always keep them separately. Don't mix them up with metal or any other heavy jewels. After using the jewel, if any dust is found, just wipe it out with a soft and clean cloth. Since the jewels are made up of clay, chances are there for breakage if they fall forcefully or any pressure is applied. So for long run, please handle them with care.

Travel: Always use bubble wrap while you carrying the jewels. If bubble wrap is not available, wrap them with a clean cloth And make sure you don't load much on the jewel

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