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Every Seller is like a member of Claysphere family. Each seller is bound by the rules and regulations implemented by Claysphere, for the healthful run of the business which in turn will benefit the growth of each members of the family.

Every seller must read and accept Terms & conditions before start acting as a seller on Claysphere. 

  1. Shop Policy

  • Sellers must provide true, accessible and honest information (Contact details, social media links, logo…etc.)

  • Claysphere don’t allow to use other seller’s store name, logo, banner…etc. Claysphere will not be accountable for Any IPR , Copyright related  disputes related shop name, logo, banner designs…etc. used in the website and the seller will have to take responsibility on such issues.

  • Sellers are responsible for protecting customer’s personal information (contact details, address…etc.) when processing it

  • Claysphere always love to emphasize the words “handmade”&” unique” aloud. Sellers are requested to be very clear on these words and always keep in mind while displaying products

  • Seller will be solely accountable for any complaints, issues related to the quality and usability of products sold, and the seller will have to resolve the complaints, financial loss …etc. as suggested by management of Claysphere

  • Sellers are strictly prohibited from displaying and selling products which is by Gov. of India or any authority under GOI. And any such attempt will be a policy violation of  Claysphere and the same can lead to "BAN" from Claysphere

  • Sellers will be solely accountable for any allergy or side effects by using health/beauty products which are sold on Claysphere. We insist sellers to follow standards prescribed by authorities and have necessary quality checks and certifications before selling such products. Also please display any allergic related information on product description

  • Claysphere will not be responsible if product doesn’t meet the expectation of the buyer in terms of quality or effectiveness

  • Sellers are strictly prohibited from displaying personal contact information like contact number or email id anywhere in the shop space including on banners. Also requested to stay away from displaying misleading or fake information product features, effectiveness usage etc.

  • Claysphere has sole right to make timely amendments on the seller guidelines, commissions and all other internal policies when the situation demands. The changes will be communicated to all sellers on registered email before implementation

  1. Products

  • All products for sale listed in Claysphere must be handmade or a craft supply 

  • We always recommend to display your own products or the products in your custody

  • Use your own product images and don’t use images of other sellers or sites

  • For customization works, seller can use their own product images for reference and if doing so seller should clearly mention the same thing in product description

  • Claysphere don’t allow to sell items if seller was not involved in drafting and designing the item

  • Reselling of other seller’s items is not allowed in Claysphere

  • We don’t support drop shipping. We always recommend to display your own products or the products in your custody. Any customer complaints, issues or financial loss related to such transactions (any kind of drop shipping or similar method) will be solely the responsibility of the seller

  • Sellers must ensure that the product dispatched to the buyer is not differing from the product displayed in the shop in terms of color, quality, size, price etc. Any possibility of mere difference in colour, size …etc. are to be clearly mentioned with product description while displaying the product

  • Sellers are requested to fix reasonable price for their products and always look forward for those buyers who always value the product as you value them

  1. Shipping, Returns and Cancellations

  • For every shop, Shipping and return policy are set by Claysphere support team by default. Each seller is requested to read the same and make changes if necessary, based on the nature of the products. (Eg: expected delivery time…etc.). Seller is not making any changes in the default policy means, they are obliged to follow the same.

  • Seller have to mention normal delivery time of all products in description

  • Each seller is requested to fulfill orders on time in order to keep best user rating of the shop also to gain subscribers for the shop

  • In case of any damages happened to products due to improper packing of shipment, seller will be responsible for the loss and seller should replace/refund against it

  • If you are unable to complete an order, you must notify the buyer and cancel the order

  1. Customer Service

  • Seller must provide great customer service by providing timely response in polite and professional manner

  • There is a dedicated window provided for buyer-seller communication. Sellers are requested to use ONLY the same feature and NOT to share personal mobile number or email IDs or any other contact details

  • Sellers are requested to address all queries and concerns from buyers through buyer-seller communication window on time