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Handmade Rainbow Hair Clip-PURPLE

In stock

Handmade Macrame Hair Clips, which is made of high quality coloured cotton chords, designed to meet your quirky and Bohemian expectations. As the products are handmade very slight variation is inevitable. Once ordered the products will be shipped within 2 days and the customer shall receive it within 5-7 working days. 

Macrame is the art of knotting chord into decorative and useful products. There are various kinds od knots that gives a different look and feel to each product. Like any skill, macrame takes time, patience and ofcourse love. Each product is personally handmade by the curator of this brand. Handmade products have a unique charm and class to it. Macrame products have a 'Bohemian' and quirky look & feel to them. Styling these products will definately givethat edge to ones look.

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